Where did Mrs Cane and Mrs Able come from?

In one of my favorite movies, Contact, the main character mentions why she doesn’t go to church any more and says that they didnt like her asking to many questions.  She mentions that one of the questions she asked was, “Where did Mrs Cain come from?”

We assume that either the writer of the script or the book itself thought that by adding this question it would show to the audience how much the main character was not a believer then to show later in the movie how it cant be anything else. A total shift in her belief.

However, the movie leaves this question out there.  and we will tackle this with some interesting info here shortly.

So, lets look at the text.  Genesis is a story about adam and eve. then cain and abel, then Seth.  The continuation of the Bible is regarding Seth and his descendants.  There is one missing verse which many dont see right in front of their face.  Most think that Adam and Eve only had 3 children.  This is the mistake.

Look at Genesis 5:3.  “When Adam was 130 years old, he became the father of a man in his likeness, according to his image and his name was Seth.”

Now, think about that.  How many children could Adam and Eve had from the time they left the garden?  What age was Adam and Eve when they had Cain and Abel? We do not know. Lets say they were 40.  Well, how many children were born to them from 25 to 40?  That is a lot of children and children’s children and great great great grandchildren by the time they were 130. Or lets turn it around the other way.

Cain and Abel were old enough to fight and kill one another.  lets say they were 20. then Seth is Born after that.  There fore Adam and Eve were 110 when they had Cain and Abel.  Now how many children and grandchildren and great grand children would they have if they started at age 40 or what about 20.

Here is the main phrase.  vs 5:4.  “Then the days of Adam were 800 years after he became the father of Seth and he had Other Sons and Daughters.”

All that is mentioned here is that they had other sons and daughters. Dont know how many or when they were born.

Now the main thought where it even makes a difference is at some point there had to be familial relations.  Yes. but that doesn’t mean it was Seth or Cain or Abel.  We are all Cousins.