Features of Turbobit Premium Account

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What is turbobit?

Turbobit is free to file cloud storage service, where you may upload your files, store them, share your files with your friends by providing them links to your files, and download your friend’s files using their links.

Turbobit makes use of the cloud storage service for making the storage and sharing of files easier and safer. Cloud storage is a technology that has made data storage and data sharing possible. Cloud storage can be public, private, or hybrid.

How long does the turbobit server keep the files?

  • For unregistered users, the maximum storage period is 7 days.
  • For registered users, storage time will be automatically added – 45 days starting from the moment of the most recent file download.
  • For Turbo Users, storage time will be automatically added – as many as 90 days starting from the moment of the most recent file download.
  • All files will be kept only if they comply with our rules and do not violate the laws of your country.
  • The above implies that as soon as any file containing data violating copyright or other law in any way is detected, it will be immediately removed from the service.

Features of Turbobit Premium Account

Turbobit Premium account has the following features to offer its users

  1. Maximum download speed is possible.
  2. Download up to 25 GB a day, 300 GB a month.
  3. Security and privacy of your files.
  4. Uploading files via computer or mobile phone, even through another website.
  5. Automatic selection of heavily uploaded FTP server, for faster upload of files to your account.
  6. Upload files up to 100 GB.
  7. No limit on size and number of your files.
  8. There are no time delays.
  9. No advertisements.
  10. Quick support.