Are the Jews G-d’s Chosen People?

The bible is a story about ADAM, then SETH, then NOAH, the ABRAHAM, then JACOB, then His twelve sons.  As KINGS and CHRONICLES guide us thru the ups and downs of that time, Good King, Bad King, there is a separation from 10 of the tribes from two of the tribes(Judah and Benjamin). The 10 became the tribes of Israel. The two became known as the JEWS.  Thru which DAVID was from the tribe of JUDAH and JESUS would find his lineage there.  And PAUL has his from the tribe of BENJAMIN.

Each of the story main characters were G-d’s chosen people.  Obviously Adam, brought from the red dirt was chosen.  He and Eve had many sons and daughters, however, other than a quick story of CAIN and ABEL, the next main character is Seth and his lineage is named.

As we get to Noah and his three sons, they were chosen along with each of their wives.  You wouldn’t say anyone else was chosen at that time.  Now HAM and JAPHETH were important here but the story continues thru SHEM and the Shemites.  Those against Shem were of course, anti Shemites. Thru this we get ABRAM, later to become Abraham.  Abraham did not trust G-d, but his wife was barren and he knew her handmaid, Hagar, and they had a child, Ishmael who later had the twelve princes.

Once SARAI had given up and the time was right, Abraham and Sarai were chosen. They had Isaac. Isaac was chosen over Ishmael and had Jacob and ESAU. Jacob later became ISRAEL when he was chosen. We don’t know them as the twelve tribes of Jacob, but the TWELVE TRIBES of ISRAEL.

The story continues where in the old testament, we know nothing about, Ham, Japheth, Ishmael, Esau and their descendants, because the story is about EMMANUEL. And how did we get to Emmanuel(Jesus) from Adam.

SOLOMON was the last king of the twelve tribes as the 10 recognized that the line of David was chosen. And that line was thru Judah. So the 10 went their own direction and wanted their own King and not the priest system. They received their King.

The tribe of Benjamin decided to stay with the tribe of Judah and together they were referred to as the ‘Jews’. The other 10 tribes and their descendants were not referred to as Jews, there were referred to as Israelites or the tribes of Israel. (1 Kings 12:16+)

Therefore the Jews were chosen. The story continues in the New Testament thru the line of David and to Jesus.

Thru the Old Testament we find that the 10 tribes were wiped out and that the Jews were destroyed, yet only a Remnant remained.  Once the Jews heard the message from their descendant Paul, he explained to them that is was for them to hear the message first. And then when they rejected the message, another group was to be allowed to join.  The Gentiles. (Acts 18:6)

The Gentiles were Grafted in. And chosen as the adopted son. Many are called, but few are Chosen.  Have You Been Called?  Have You Been Chosen?

More to come…