Answers to the Most Important Questions Ever Asked:


It is important to ask questions.  As Thomas Jefferson said, “Question with boldness even the existence of G-d; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear”

Our Quest here at The Textus is to work toward answering or working toward an answer which eventhough not understandable to us, may in time be better revealed.

For example: there are answers to questions that we have today that were not believeable in years past.  While the answer was given, it could not be proven.

Using different and multiple scriptures as a foundation, we can discover answers to some of the most important question ever asked.

The biggest difference for us is that there is only one agenda. “SolaScripturaInContexta”  The bible only in context only.   We are not denominationally  inspired or directed. We are not holden to a Conference for funding where we must regurgitate their directives. It is very difficult for many and most denominations to be solascripturaincontexta, because they must express doctrine from higher forces.

We look forward to an honest intellectual debate on specifics.  One thing we do know is that some people do not hear the call for one main reason.  They have not been called.  The voice of the shepherd is only heard by his flock.


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  1. The textual history history that the WestcottHort text represents is no longer tenable in the light of newer discoveries and fuller textual analysis.

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